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Muslims Closer To The Truth Than Christians?

Evangelicals Advise on Muslim Dialogue

Roy Oksnevad, director of the Ministries to Muslims department at the Billy
Graham Center at Wheaton College, said dialogue with Muslims is good but of
limited value. "There is a dark side to Islam, and, frankly, I've never met
a Muslim who understood the concept of the Trinity."


How can we help the Billy Graham Center out?
The Holy Quran Sura 5:76 is clear about the issue of the Trinity:

"They do blaspheme who say:
God is one of three
IN a Trinity: for there is
No god except One God.
If they desist not
From their word (of blasphemy)
Verily a grievous penalty
Will befall the blasphemers
Among them."

So, it is not that we Muslims cannot understand the Trinity but that the Trinity is antithetical to the concept of Monotheism, based on the final revelation from God.

Love and light,  Jalaledin

In a message dated 6/20/2003 2:09:20 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

That, Jalaledin, is the "hole" in your understanding to the true Christian faith and why mainstream Christianity, except for the few maverick denominations, like this one, will never accept your God as their God (failing to recognize they are the same) because they have "...blasphemed against the Holy Ghost.  For it is said he hath an unclean spirit."

Beloved Rev. Steadman:

You are probably right, there is a hole in my understanding of many things. But there is no hole in my heart about other Christians who are also struggling with the holes in their understanding. That is we are all deficient in understanding, and some are more than others. And then there are some who have been blessed with understanding through no will of their own.

Sura 5: 85

"And nearest among them in love
To the Believers wilt thou
Find those who say,
"We are Christians."
Because amongst these are
Men devoted to learning
And men who have renounced
The world, and they
Are not arrogant."

Love and light, Jalaledin